A better way to test your Internet speed in South Africa


The recently launched Speedtest.co.za website makes it easy for South Africans to test their broadband speed and rate their Internet service provider.

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My super ‘fast office speed’


Good ol’ 4Mbps DSL.

At least it looks like you’re getting the full line speed. Strict policies in place at work?


I don’t think we have any policies here. In fact we were soft capped on the 21st last month.


Ours at work. We used to have a 10Mbps DSL but got fibre a while back luckily.


Bwahahahahaha I love this result Considering this is the connection that we are paying for.


ISP: Neotel Pty Ltd
Ping: 176ms
Download: 35.28Mbps
Upload: 86.8Mbps
Test your speed: http://speedtest.co.za


jesus that ping


tis the work infrastructure, VPNs and DMZs etc i guess


We do quite alright.


work speed

we are using Telkom LTE


Not bad at Work :grinning:



makes sense


Wow those are some impressive figures @DarkStar


ISP: Neotel Pty Ltd
Ping: 187ms
Download: 4.18Mbps
Upload: 0.55Mbps


The irony of this image is not lost on me - unfortunately it just fueled the hatred I have for supersonic


Its like a slightly better 4 meg line.


hehe dude and we have been paying for a 10meg line. . .


What’s your fibre line going to be (when you eventually get it sorted out)?


Would upgrade to fibre in a heartbeat if I could…