A roundup of gaming April fools gags

April Fools passed by really quickly this year. Because it fell on a Sunday of the long Easter weekend, it's perfectly reasonable to think that many people may have missed the shenanigans companies got up to.

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Haha nice.

The need for speed one made me smile.

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The Path of Exile devs turned their ARPG into a Battle Royale on April Fool’s

The thing is they really did do it - and the new gamemode was/is playable. The joke is that PoE will now stay as a battle royale, but there could be a chance that they keep it as an optional game mode.

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The guys behind War for the Overworld announced Dungeon Hearts.


Dungeon Hearts™ is a Visual Anime Waifu Dating Dungeon Management Simulation Novel Role Playing Game (Or a VAWDDMSNRPG) that continues to progress our ambition to develop only the most genre-busting titles.

You can play it from your browser on their website.

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Not something I will play, but I loved War for the Overworld