About the Gaming category

Want to talk about a game, gaming gadget, or hardware? This is the right category for your new post.

Before posting, search to see if there is already a thread about a particular game, then use the Reply as linked topic feature liberally if you have a specific question or have an opinion on a specific issue you want to share.

Reply as linked topic

For example, there may be a thread about the new Battlefield game following the news on the game leading up to release. There may then be several linked topics like “Battlefield microtransactions”, or “Battlefield clans in South Africa”.

You can find the Reply as linked topic button, which is labelled “New topic”, when you click on Share. You can also reply as linked topic on specific posts by clicking on a post’s menu button (the ellipsis or “…” icon), then clicking on “share a link to this post” (the chain link icon).