About the Hammertime! category

Hammertime will be a place where you’ll find the ramblings of a madman, trying to understand the gaming industry. I’ll do this by trying to look at the business models for many companies, deals and other events throughout the gaming industry. The views are my own, they may or may not be entirely accurate, but they sure as hell will contain a lot of stats and graphs. I like those things.

Each week I will explore the business decisions of different companies and/or games, and explore why they do the things they do, try to put it into context, or just explore a fascinating statistic I found relating to the business side of the gaming industry.

Here’s the thing, there will be MANY points and views I express that people will not agree with. There may even be outrage and vitriol against my views. And I’ll just say it right here and right now…THAT’S ABSOLUTELY FINE! These are my opinions and my views that I’ve formulated by looking at these decisions and companies from a different view. And I encourage you to disagree with me. If you make a valid statement with credible proof, I may even change my view to accommodate yours. I only ask that you keep it civil, keep it to the point, and keep yourself informed

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