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Massive necro…

Can’t wait to see the new threadripper 2 in action

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Not sure this is the right place to post this…I had a query.

Now that Rebeltech is gone (very sad, I enjoyed their site, they always had great after-sales support and good know-how), where do you guys shop?

It was always Rebeltech or Wootware for me…I refuse to touch Evetech with a 10-foot pole because I have bad luck and do on occasion have faulty products out-of-the-box and there’s no way I wanna go down THAT rabbit-hole (Wootware and Rebeltech both had awesome returns and hassle-free swapouts for faulty products)

so…any other sites? did the Rebeltech guy start fresh? I don’t REALLY wanna rely on takealot or loot or someplace as options for my hardware needs.

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I am hearing lots of good things about https://www.dreamwaretech.co.za/ and their service. For the most part we use wootware since they are local

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