Advice Needed : Gigbit switch vs relocation

Hullo Gents

I have a 100mb FIBRE connection. I just recently bought an Archer C9 Gigabit Router, which is sitting on the far end of my house in the study. My consoles are sitting in my TV room. I have a 20m-30m CAT5 cable running to a 10/100 switch in the TV room and the consoles hooked up to the switch.

Now, my question is, which of the 3 options below would give me the best possible gaming connection :

  1. Relocate the fibre to the TV room and hook up consoles directly to the C9 and do away with the switch
  2. Swap to a gigabit switch, but leave everything else the same
  3. Don’t change anything, as there will not be any performance improvement from above

Option 1 is the most expensive while option 3 is obviously free. Option 2 is somewhere in between.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Unless you have a PC with the gigabit router and you stream/transfer data locally. the gigabit upgrade isn’t gonna improve anything since your fibre is 100Mb. thats my thoughts anyway.

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Well since you don’t have a wireless connection to the consoles. your latency won’t change since its 1±ms over wires.
Leave as is.

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+1 I see he beat me to it.



its highly unlikely you will reach 100Mb bandwidth while gaming, it normally doesn’t use much data and bandwidth, latency is the killer. If you are going to be copying files around often then sure go for 1gb.

Also is it CAT5 or CAT5e cable, if its CAT5 you might run into problems with Gigabit speeds

thanks for the advice guys. I was being a total and utter buffoon! As someone else pointed out, given that I already had CAT5 running from study to TV room. So all i needed to do was to relocate the C9 router to the TV room and hook up the long CAT 5 to the ONT. I am such a retard :frowning: