Ah shucks, broken into


Got broken into, lots of gear taken but what cuts the deepest is my 16 years worth of PS2 collecting being stolen.
It will hold little monetary value to most people except ps2 collectors. I had some super rare games in there too.

Had a bunch of work stuff like camera and drone taken but interetingly they left all Apple goods. My guess is because of the “find my mac” feature.
xbox360, games and PC’s left behind but every TV in the house gone.


Dude that sucks I am so sorry to hear! Hopefully it happened when no one was at home


That really sucks. I hope they can be caught.


oh no, sorry to hear that is very crap!


That really sucks to lose a collection like that.

One the plus side though, you can keep an eye on second hand markets for the rare ones popping up. Might lead you back to the thief.


Thankfully no one was home, peaceful burglars at least

Yes! def going to keep a lookout on the local second hand stores


Sorry to hear mate always the worst having things taken that you have worked years for.


Sorry to hear that man, terrible to lose those things, especially the essentially irreplaceable ones. Also that sense of violation of your personal space is not a nice feeling at all. Praying that they catch the thieves and get your stuff back.


Aw flip! Good luck with insurance etc.


So sorry to hear. Know how it feels, happened 2 years ago to us.


Sheesh! That sucks so hard! Sorry man! I went through that myself, things with no monetary value but loads of sentimental value… Good luck man!


So sorry to hear dude. That absolutely sucks.


This really sucks, sorry man. I am really curious about how burglars decide what to take. Like why take the PS2 and games, but not a PC?

Anyway… these are the kinds of things I fixate on when stuff like this happens. I hope they get caught.


Sorry @bradbear117! It sucks so much. :cry:


that pretty shit brad I dont know the feeling of having my house being broken into but i know the feeling of all the effort that you must have put into, collecting and trying to look after your consoles and games.

just hope those F@ckers end up with anal cancer or something !


Hey thanks everyone! The paranoia is real lately crikey. As time goes on we find more and more stuff here and there thats missing. Okes had a field day.
Going to check out second hand stores today for the off chance I see a familiar PS2 game.
The cops say its highly unlikely, they wouldnt sell to an establishment.

Thanks very much for the support, sorry to hear many of us experience this as well!

hahahaha :smiley: great one

utterly random, unless they are PS2 collectors too haha


Naa, consoles (especially the older ones without online connected services) are much easier to sell on Gumtree and for a lot less money.

PCs, unless you sell a whole unit or a prebuilt, are difficult to valuate and thus trying to sell something off for much more than what it’s worth or much less will raise additional suspicion.

They probably won’t even try to sell/pawn the stuff in the immediate area either. Tracked a Mac that was stolen in Cape Town, powered on a week later in JHB and then a month later in Nigeria.