All of Oculus' Rift headsets have stopped working.

Overnight, the Oculus Rift headsets stopped working due to a security certificate that is causing some problems. Users encountered a "Can't Reach Oculus runtime Service" error, which prevented further use of the headset. The problem appears to affect most, if not all, Oculus Rift headsets.

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That’s weird that the mewbot is posting this now.

What other option exists?

  • Sell your Oculus Rift.
  • Throw your Oculus Rift away so no one else has to sit with a nonworking set.
  • Sacrifice your set to the VR gods to appease them so others may continue to experience VR
  • Take it apart, maybe you can fix it?
  • Use it as a doorstop.
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In which case it says quite a bit what they think of their customers if that is the one they come out and publicly “recommend” :smiley:

Haha guys, this article is from a while ago which is why I asked the Mewbot question.

It was not only fixed but Oculus gave each of us $15 store credit.

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Yeah, I saw it post this one 1 day ago, 2 weeks after the original article

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I believe it generates the thread when someone loads the article the first time. I guess since mewbot was launched no one had clicked on the article.


Yeah I know. Didn’t know about the $15 store credit though, that’s quite cool.