Amazing Musicians on Youtube

What amazing musicians have you come across on Youtube?

I’ll give 2 examples:

  1. Player Piano
    A duo of an extremely talented pianist and a director create awesome videos showcasing both music and visuals.

Some of the coolest videos are where the painist (Sonya) arranges songs on the spot after listening to them:

Their feature videos are well done:

  1. The other musician I’ve been watching is Lord Vinheteiro. He is a fantastic pianist but he also does some interesting or funny things with the songs he plays:

For example:

I regularly watch Wintergatan’s channel, they made this thing:

The guy also makes other interesting instruments like this:

And they are currently working on a new version of the marble machine that they can take on tours, which is also fascinating to watch.

Oh ya I remember watching that, it was amazing!

Oh I love me some good musicians on YoutTube. Its the perfect platform for these people to be discovered.

Here are some of my favourite videos:

The most obvious would be the likes of PENTATONIX, and I do love listening to Lindsey Sterling.

And I’ll give an honorable mention to Rob Scalon.

I find I mostly watch/listen to drum covers because drums are my number 1 Jayum.

my favourites are Luke Holland, Matt Mcguire, Cobus Potgieter, Lyndsay Ward, Kortney Grinwis and a host of others actually…

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Found another - I could only dream of palying bass like this guy:

Davie504 for more…