AMD launches Navi cards - Radeon 5700 / 5700XT

When the pricing was first announced, I mentioned being a bit disappointed with these cards as a potential RX580 / GTX1060 replacement. That hasn’t changed, even after the Day 0 price cut. Also, avoid these factory spec cards like the plague; they are hot and noisy like all blower cards.

Having said that, the GPU itself seems a good step forward, so the board partners cards may turn out to be a good buy. As it stands, the 5700 beats the vanilla 2060, and the 5700XT should match the RTX2070 / 2060 Super. Now it all comes down to pricing again.


Your thoughts if you were looking for a new card. Would you still go RX580 then?

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That depends purely on a) what you are upgrading from, b) what your budget is, and c) what resolution you plan to play at. The RX580 is a brilliant card for 1080p@60fps and can be found for some crazy deals right now. If you need more horsepower than that, there is quite a big gap in price to the 1440p cards.

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I think AMD is going correct direction here. i am thinking this will be start of a good price war so good for consumers

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Let’s hope so. I would like to see them introduce a cut-down version of this chip that competes with the 1660Ti but cheaper. I would buy one of those in a hurry.

Some interesting feature news.

Another reviewer that found that AMD’s RIS works better than Nvidia’s DLSS

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Quick peek at the first Navi board partner card.

Here’s one from MSi. Looks like the Ventus cooler design.

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Oh yeah, I saw! That Red Devil looks like a beast of a card.