AMD Radeon VII launch date β€” the graphics card with a 7nm chipset

At their CES keynote presentation, AMD announced their new line of high end graphic cards, the AMD Radeon VII. The new GPU will hopefully bring long-awaited competition to Nvidia's offering of high-end graphics cards, and is poised to take on the Nvidia RTX 2080.

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Pricing is an issue here. Its priced the same price as the nvidia 2080 rtx. Unless it has a big performance advantage people are more likely to go for the 2080 as it has ray tracing and dlss which the vega 7 lacks.

It should have been priced $50 cheaper.


I tend to agree with you on that. The price was the make or break point. And while ray tracing isn’t the deal breaker feature yet as there isn’t a lot of games that has it implemented, it is something to look out for the future. At $699 the Radeon hopefully is actually better than the 2080, otherwise it’s a hard sell.


Lets hope the AIB partners do a version with less vram to drop the price