American McGee's latest Alice: Asylum is officially in the works. . .

A lot of us have played the Alice games, my favourite is still Alice: The Madness Returns. I love the dark and twisty world they created for Alice, yes, the game was not perfect but it was fun, gory and beautiful.

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I did enjoy both the Alice games. The second one felt a bit more coherent overall. I think they could have improved it by streamlining some of the stages, adding more variety and being a bit more daring with the combat. It felt a little hack/slashy after a while.

The characters and the environments were amazing though and I’m happy to see some signs of a new game.


I still need to get myself in gear and play the first two.

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I loved 2 more than 1, so don’t feel bad if you want to skip 1

I still need to play the second one. Loved the first one though.

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