ARK: Survival Evolved

Anyone on the forum still jam or want to jam Ark.

Currently on a PVP rag server and its quite fun getting alot of people playing daily.

been looking for some peeps that would like to join or if anyone has some cool ideas on base designs.
other wise really enjoying ark again, and would like to do boss fights on this server.

I haven’t played Ark in years. Quit because it was just too broken still back then

Bump. Would like to start playing this game can anyone drop some start up hints? I’ve read that unofficials servers with boosted rates are the way to go.


yea If I would to start playing the game again I would go on 5 - 10 rate server. I feel that that over 10 might be abit to hectic But to play it again even if its just for a while boosted server is best