Arrests made at Gupta compound during Hawks raid

It’s not much information at the moment but progress is being made


That is amazing! I am happy to see something is happening, will be interesting to see if they actually arrest zuma’s son. And if they can keep him in jail

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this is probably a trigger to put pressure on jay z to resign.

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I hope it’s more than that and we see these thieves in jail

I’m impressed by how well orchestrated this appears to be.

Taking down the empire that threatened to rot away South Africa from the inside, while tightening the noose around Zuma’s neck.

isn’t this 10 years too late tho?


True, but it’s something

Im just praying for a solid outcome from all of this and its not just tax payers money going to waste again. I dont even want to know how much it cost to set up a raid like this

The Hawks where also in my suburb this morning.