Art styles, preferences and personal tastes

Just thought I would create a space to discuss art and artists in any shape and form, from well known and published artists to conceptual, fictional or even conceptual art and artists. I find art to be very subjective and yet we can all relate to some form of it or another.

Growing up I found myself very much inspired by the art of Boris Vallejo and Luis Royo. Though I never found myself that much attracted to contemporary art.

Some examples are seen below and feel free to explore at your own as some include nudity and sexual themes, though I don’t consider it to be “nudes” as much as it is a form of art. The human body is a beautiful thing.

Boris Vallejo

Just look at this, the high fantasy and his knowledge of the human anatomy is amazing.

Luis Royo

And then this, with Luis’ dark tones and macabre themes, sometimes sexual. Stunning work.

Please feel free to open discussion and explore some of your own preferences, this is a safe space :wink:


i look at the first image and all i see is Golden Axe :grin: