Article about E sports in Moneyweb

I have to leave now so I’ll comment more later.

But this is definitely still a growing and evolving industry which will be worth a lot of money.


eSports is the largest form of entertainment

I believe gaming is the largest form of entertainment.

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Yeah, but eSport specifically as far as I know regarding amount of recurring viewers. That is what is making the eSports scene blow up so rapidly

This is the one i kinda watch, these guys are bloody good, and they are sponsored by the Big F1 teams

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The only eSports I watched was some PUBG. I watched the Orena competition and I watched some teams play against each the one evening.

I must try some of the racing.

I watch a ton of rugby though. Probably because I know it well.

Technically the casino and gambling industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world, but gaming is the biggest media entertainment industry. Esports is perhaps the most viewed “sporting” event in the world.


Same with the Moto GP as well hey.

Never watched a CSGO Major, or Dota TI? Where Hundreds of thousands are at the stadium and millions watching the stream?

The Local Domenus Project Cars races are streamed every Wednesday

No I never watched it. Doesn’t really appeal to me to be honest. The Project Cars one I’ll give a try but there’s just so much to do and if I have to pick between watching someone else play and playing myself then I will rather just play.

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I didnt know DSTV had an esports channel

Lots of times i will watch a stream on my phone while doing something else. Only now and again when it is a huge game where I will actually watch it on the TV

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They show out dated stuff, and not many matches either. Weird music with game play footage mostly


Ya that channel is terrible. Supersport screened some of the Eleague matches at one stage.

A month+ delayed yeah