Article Writing Schedule and focus 2019


Calling all writers and budding journalists

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2019 will bring in a renewed focus on creating more quality content. We need to strive in getting the front page active, as it will help with our discoverability as well as bringing in and keeping more users and members. In order to do that, we need to create more articles, but keep them on a high standard, or at least as high as we can maintain. I mean we are amateurs (well, except for GregRedd and Entity who are much better than us).

In order to help maintain a steady tick over of content on the front page, the best way is to implement a schedule of articles. These articles are ones that at the very least has to go out on the specified days. And more importantly, anyone should feel free to write any of these as well. They don’t belong to anyone, and if someone isn’t available to write, at the very least someone else can step in and ensure the article is written and goes out.

With our General Meeting last night, we discussed the schedule and came up with the following:

Monday – Gaming news you may have missed (previous week)
Tuesday – Indie Game Spotlight (Indie game people may not know of, bit of a review, or just some info)
Wednesday - The games we’re playing
Thursday – Featured Streamer/youtuber/SA Game dev
Friday – Trailers of the week

If we can try and maintain this schedule and ensure at the very least these articles goes out on the selected days, the site will keep on getting more content. You are however free to write any other article about gaming news or gaming stories or the like as you feel.


That looks great. But sorry guys I won’t be able to contribute this year. I’ve just got too much on my plate.


Awesome, great idea to get some structure for the front page going.

I don’t write stuff as often as I would like, or even should considering I basically have nothing but free time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will reply to this a little later, I have some ideas I want to bring forward too. Just hectic at work atm.


Im busy trying to get the guys from Boetfighter to send me a press kit so that I can do a writeup for them - should be ready in time for either next week tuesday or thursday


I’m currently putting together the trailers of the week if that’s ok with everyone.


The indie game spotlight is that for games that are still in early access as well?


@DieGrootHammer I could probably commit to a regular schedule of putting up a piece every weekend, be it Friday night through to Sunday evenings. This would likely be opinion pieces if we’re looking at that route, if that’s something we want to do.

I sadly do not have time to stay up to date and affey with gaming news and culture to be able to put through factful content. Though I can (probably) be a constant stream for personal pieces.


Yebo that is good

That can work as well, since we don’t have anything on weekends - so even if you just get one out a week it would be awesome


As if anyone here wants your opinion on anything…


Awesome bro, go for it!



Go ahead dude!! It’s good to add something over the weekend, and remember, you can write articles and schedule them to be published later in the week as well. I plan on writing on Sundays a few articles for the week so that if I don’t find time to write something, at least some articles can go out.


How do I do the # for twitter again please?


its going to be hard to commit to a schedule as i post developing news most of the time during working hours and i have a gap to put something together but in the evenings i barely have time for myself let alone weekends.


You keep doing that, we are just trying to cover the days when there are gaps


@Wyvern, @DarthMol, @GregRedd, @SIGSTART, @czc, @DohcWP, @BeoTeK, @Entity, @Wlad

Thank you all for the contribution in the first week. It was absolutely great to see all the articles being written. Keep it up and let’s get this ship sailing like a beast!!


I will fill in when someone can’t do what they planned - I am still waiting for the guys from boet fighter to get back to me - they seem a bit unorganised - looking for someone else to do a story on next for thursday


It may be a while before I can start contributing. It’s been hectic with the move and I’m still waiting for my fibre to be activated. So when things return to some normality I will get involved again.


I’ve put up an idea for a regulr article, let me know what ya’ll think if we need to continue this.