At what point do you consider you've beaten the game?

I am playing Assassins Creed Rogue and the credits just rolled. But the game says I’ve completed 60% of the game.

Personally, I’ve always believed once the credits roll, game over. But it seems that many titles have additional content after the credits that maybe there is something I’m missing.

Thoughts? Nox VidMate


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I agree with you. When the credits roll, I stop playing. Games are so big these days and I can’t be bothered to collect 100 feathers or something like that just to get a 100% completion. For me it’s about the story and the sidequests.


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Yeah for me if the credits roll then im done. If i really like the game i may do some of the extra content, but generally not


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Yeah, I’d say about 90% of the time when the credits roll I’m finished. 100% of the time I consider the game to be beaten once I’ve seen the credits, but sometimes I’ll keep playing. Not to chase some completion percentage, but because I enjoy the game in question and don’t feel like stopping just yet.


Once the credits roll for the final time after beating it on Hardcore Ironman mode


When I am tired of playing the game


Pretty much this. Most persistent online games these days don’t have an “end” where the credits roll. Take Destiny 2 for example - the credits don’t officially roll until you click the button for it to do so. You can opt to do that when the game first starts, so that might “end” the game for you before it even begins!


Pretty much once the main story/campaign ends and the credits role. Sometimes if a game has a “true” or alternate ending I’ll go for that but only if I’m really enjoying the game.

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end credits and when i am feeling motivated ill go back for achievements

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It depends on the game. Games like Bayonetta or DMC are usually better on the second playthrough, with all the moves and weapons unlocked. Story driven games rarely compel me to go for another playthrough.


Also I tend to call it a game when the credits roll or when we have completed all the quests main and side ones

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Secondly. I feel like the game is beat when I either have finished and seen the credits, or when I have done all I wanted to in a game. I tend to play a lot of these unending games, like management type games. For those kind of games I normally feel I’ve beaten the game when I’ve done everything it has to offer.

Beating a game in some instances doesn’t mean stop playing it either. I’m thinking about how I play racing games. I normally sprint through any kind of campaign or singleplayer content it has, and then I start the grind to get gud

That’s the wonderful thing about some games; replayability.

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Depends on the game. The ones I love will go and finish everything.

The others I will just play to the credits.

Also done at the credits and then I loose interest. Except with Witcher 3 as playing the DLCs after the game ended actually makes sense.