Atari VCS: Game, Stream, Connect Like Never Before

Classic gaming company Atari has announced some new details and about its upcoming “Ataribox” console and shared some fresh images of the Atari 2600-inspired machine. In a newsletter, Atari confirmed the following about its specs and more:

It will be powered by a custom AMD processor with Radeon Graphics technology
It will run Linux, sporting a “customized, easy-to-use user interface.”
It will be a “full PC experience,” so you can also use it to stream content and listen to music, or whatever else you might do on a PC.

Atari also said the Ataribox will come pre-loaded with “tons of classic Atari retro games,” along with “current titles from a range of studios.” Specific titles will be announced “very soon,” Atari teased. In general, Atari said it has “lots more” to share in the coming weeks.

Atari is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this fall, though there is no word as of yet regarding its funding goal. However, Atari said it’s going with crowdfunding because it wants users to be “part of this launch” and “part of the story.”

The Ataribox will be priced in the range of $250-$300, and it’ll ship in late Spring 2018. The price will depend on things like memory configuration and editions; for example, Atari is producing a Wood Edition that is made with actual wood.

You can read the full newsletter here to learn more and see the new Ataribox images. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on the Ataribox in the time ahead.


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They certainly nailed it with the design - a perfect balance between retro and modern sleek design there:


This had sort of slipped my mind, but checking on it now I see the Indiegogo funding campaign has only 3 days left to run, so if you want to get in on it, best move soon.

With almost $3-million raised (2910% over the target) and 11,000 backers it’s more likely than not to go ahead. The biggest change from the original “it’ll ship in late Spring 2018” suggested earlier in the year is that delivery has now pushed out to July 2019 instead.

Looks “legendary”! :slight_smile:

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