Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 raises $2.39 Million for charity

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), the annual speedrunning event that raises funds for charity, raised over $2.3 million this year for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

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It’s such a great event, and for a good cause. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch as many of the runs this time but I think the recordings are uploaded to the Youtube channel so I’ll check some of them out.


Yeah same, didn’t watch as many. There is a reddit thread with a link to all the runs. I watched the Momodora run after finishing Momodora last night… Sigh… It took me a lot longer. And didn’t even get a good ending.

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I loved this event. I still love it but it has gone to shit over the last few years. I get why it has changed, but it made watching it a lot less fun. You always had these big entertaining runners that made it compelling to watch. Now everyone gets banned for making jokes. The SJW’s have taken over.

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I miss Naegleria XD