Battlefield 5 Revealed and detailed

Seeing as the discussion has already started, here is a massive data dump for all things revealed about Battlefield 5

Firstly, the setting is pretty cool, seeing the game return to WW2

Then, here are a bunch of other points about the game:

• No Season Pass

• Launch locations are France, Africa and Rottedam and North Africa desert

• Coop Mode called Combined Arms

• Single player War Stories return

• Fortifications are things like sand bags, trenches, tank stoppers. Only supports can build offensively defense fortifications such as machine guns, field cannons and are much faster at building everything.

• Predetermined areas to build such as at flags, can rebuild destroyed buildings

• Attrition system - health bar is in stages, only regen up to closet stage not to 100 anymore

• Physical interactions - every action in the game requires a player interact for things like medkits, spotting, ammo, ledge grabbing (example: healing requires walking over to a health pack, character animation to pick it up, then start healing)

• No more HUD/map spotting, spotting is based on movement/changes around you

• Attrition system - much less ammo on spawn, out of ammo after a few fights, but more ways to resupply ammo in the battlefield from packs, crates, or grabbing small amounts of ammo off of bodies (all requires physical interactions)

• Revive system has a full on animation, takes a few seconds to complete, no more revive trains, takes time to complete

• Ragdolls are server side, can now drag a downed player’s body elsewhere

• Any class can do a squad revive, takes longer than a medic revive, does not give full health points

• Can call for help when down such as in the trailer

• Ragdolls (player bodies) effect the environment, push down grass etc.

• Gunplay completely changed

• No more visual recoil

• Each gun has a unique recoil pattern that can be learned and mastered

• Bipods easier to use and setup

• Bullet penetration through thin wood, sheet metal, walls

• Movement change, can now dive froward, backward, left and right similar to R6 Siege prone system

• Diving has a delay to prevent dolphin diving

• Crouch sprinting is in the game

• Can burst out of widows and commando roll, no destroying windows first

• Can catch, throwback or shoot grenades

• Less grenades because less ammo

• Can tow items in the game with vehicles such as previously stationary anti-air guns, teammate can use an anti-air gun while you tow it with a vehicle

• For example, can drive a tiger tank towing a field cannon behind it or a truck towing ammo crate to resupply teammates on the front line

• Destruction explodes inwards or outwards based on where the destruction happens. Throw a grenade inside of the building? The explosion sends things outside of it. Outside of it? Breaks inwards.

• Tank driving into a building slowly destroys a building, walls slowly crack/fall, not instant

• Heavily focused on squad play, instant placed in squad when joining a game

• New squad spawning system, squad deploy system that shows what squad mates are doing in third person in real time before the tactical map screen, so spawning on squad is kicker than spawning on tactical map screen

• Since squad spawning/deploying is faster than tactical map, squad wipes are serious

• Squads accumulate points that can be spent on “squad call-ins”, only squad leader can spend them in

• Squad Call-ins are V1 or JB2 rockets as seen in the trailer, supply drops with ammo/health, a smoke barrage, heavy weapon pickups (not hero kits), squad only vehicles such as Churchill crocodile flamethrower tank or the Sturm tiger

• Elite classes are gone

• Behemoths are gone

• Large, non-fatal explosions can knock a player over

• Four classes are back: assault, medic, scout, support

• Create a solider, add them to a company of soldiers, then can customize things like gender, face look, face paint, outfit, accessories, etc. and assign them a class archtype

• Class archetypes highly customizable

• Can be an assault that specializes in anti-tank or anti-infantry only, or a mix of both, etc.

• Highly specialized archetypes called exotics such as a recon paratrooper, stealthy short-range behind enemy lines person who uses a suppressed SMG and silent gadgets like pistols and garrotes comes with silent footsteps and throwing knives

• Can change and add specialization trees such as agility, flak armor, suppressive resistance

• The more you play a class more you get more specializations/archtypes within said class


Did not watch the reveal, but you are making it sound quite good

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Those changes sound awesome. I’m amazed at how many people are complaining about the trailer.

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I’m not sure I like the idea of interaction to resupply ammo or heal up.

I want to see some extended gameplay to see how all these changes gel together.

I actually prefer it. Wasn’t a fan of the piles of med packs and ammo at intense fighting points. I think it will help stop unbreakable defenses.

Agreed, it should help against people just camping on medkits that just tank damage, but I also agree with @Deadlypinecone where i would like to see how the interaction works

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Thats a fair point. If the pace of the game is slower then it shouldn’t be a problem. Thre fact you can tow artillery around the map and build fortifications, I would assume its not all COD run and gun. That trailer says otherwise though.

Personally I prefer a slower, more tactical shooter. Examples being Insurgency and Day of Infamy.


Yeah I find it hard to believe that trailer is very representative of actual multiplayer game-play.

No it’s definitely staged - but could well be in-engine.

It does look in game, since it shows a hud. But hard to tell anything about game-play from watching it.

The event said they will have gameplay demonstrated in about 2 weeks. Probably at their booth at E3. Shouldnt be too long a wait

The character customisation completely breaks the WWII theme though

But the new gameplay aspects do sound pretty good.

I skipped Battlefield 1, but I am interested in this one though.

The hate that the game’s cover has been receiving is heavy.
Honestly, the cover is what drew me in, seeing the reveal trailer solidified my interest.
I was not on any hype train, and will not jump on one now, but I am definitely interested, so far, in purchasing this game.

I do still want to see more footage before I’m completely sold on the product.

The extensive cosmetic customisation does imply microtransactions to buy them. They going to have to make up the loss of income from the removal of premium passes somewhere. This is an EA game afterall.

I would be happy with, specially now that they saying new maps will be free.

JackFrags does a thorough and pretty decent job of highlighting the new gameplay features and changes coming to BF5:

Saw this earlier - nice take on detailed easily missable. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m really happy with the changes, interested to see how spotting works in more detail. I’m really happy with the direction it’s taking, but sure its going to make a lot of people unhappy.


I think they are moving away from the 3D Doritos chips, and moving more towards a compass/map design. If they keep the current spotting system at least make it similar to Rainbow 6 where it works on the last known location.