A while back (2016) I saw the below video. I was thrilled, because I love the BattleTech universe. I’ve played all the MechWarrior games apart from 1, as well as both MechCommander games. I also remember the the animated Battletech series. So Harebrained Schemes has been working on this new turn based mech game for a while and it is releasing tomorrow!

I had forgotten about it, actually, but my brother reminded me of the release. Anyone else interested in the game? There are quite a few Let’s Plays already on YouTube if you’d like to know more :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested in this game. When I was younger I played Battletech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception and loved it. It had a turn based combat system so this reboot is the perfect follow up to it.

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Bought and busy downloading.

My brother bought it and has been playing all day, and it got his seal of approval which is enough for me.

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The reviews are positive

  • it’s on my wishlist
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Any interest in this game for anyone other than the 2 in this thread, who both have it already? I’m trying to decide whether or not to pause my Humble Monthly again this month. Battletech is the early unlock game and not for me. But if there’s enough interest in it from other MEWBs (maybe 5 or so folk) I’ll keep the sub open this month, claim the key, and do a Random Name Picker thing for the code.

  • YES! I want that code. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

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I would pause the sub :stuck_out_tongue:

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