Beating Off 2.0


I wish, 45 minutes to go.


About an hour and 10 for me, then at 5 I start job 2


Going home in 15min :smile:


charging my laptop, cause when i get home the power is going to be off for 2 hours :persevere:


Dude no loadshedding . . .


my app says stage 1 is in play


loadshedding is a myth



If you are a city of cape town person no loadshedding


nice !! !! yes this is a complete sentence


we have loadshedding from 8 till midnight tonight :unamused:


En dis why ek nie joburg toe trek nie


Stage 1 loadshedding here too, yay no need to get the generator alone


OH wag lyk my dis ook gecancel! YAY!


Just got home no load shedding let killing floor commence :smiley:

Also feel the love :smiley: Capture


Jip, same username on disqus.
That website is an amazing resource for those interested in getting their finances in order. I can also recommend The Fat Wallet podcast.


Yip listen to it also. Kristia once called my name out in one of them.


So now you’re famous :sunglasses: She calls me by my alias.
Awesome. Glad to know there’s another MEWster taking control of their finances. Good job!


Have a good weekend guys, have an end of year function tomorrow. At least I can sleep late


“Knock, knock, let the devil in…”