Beating Off 2.0


It was good. I enjoyed it. Some interesting game reveals, and I’m happy with the winners of the categories. I posted all the info I could and all the trailers in the thread for all to go check.


Morning people of the palace


Good morning everyone.


Hallo! So glad is flippen friday!


Morning all


Morning are you finished with the swimming lessons.


Nope not yet


And I’m off to go waffle on about Unreal Engine for 2 hours


Lucky you . . . .


So, did I miss anything? I skipped 128 messages here… We were without power for 29 hours, waiting for an eskom tech to come out, unlock a padlock, and flip the breaker back…

On an completely"unrelated" note, does anyone know where I can get a copy of a key for an Eskom orange padlock?


Did someone say waffle?!


Are you bringing me waffles with maple syrup?


My waffle iron packed up almost 2 years ago :frowning:


Noooooooooooooooo you can borrow mine


What kind do you have (ie, how thick are the waffles)? Mine was a KitchenAid

When I contacted support, they said they can’t be serviced, so I have to buy a new one (and they’ve doubled in price), so I told them to get stuffed.

I haven’t been able to find anything locally that compares… (I’m a waffle snob)


That’s the problem with appliances and mass production today. It’s cheaper to make a new unit than to repair a broken one.
Work out your cost per use, use it more so that it’s “cheaper”, and then just buy a new one 3-5 years down the line.
Problem is our landfills get stacked with appliances.

On that note: next MEW meet-up is at Murfle’s place for waffles. Anyone to second that motion?


Yea ok I wont tell you which one I have :stuck_out_tongue:
I have an elcheapo but it works, what you can do is share recipes please


I think I’ve seen you comment on blog.


Someone in these parts was just recently talking about planned obsolescence.


Is it hometime yet?