Beating Off 2.0


I’m still running a core 2 duo with 1gb of ram at work



Don’t know if any of you has ordered something from but they just sent me this email announcing it is on it’s way XD

Our employees have finished manufacturing your order which was then carefully examined by our Production Master for any signs of imperfection and who gave it his blessing.Afterwards our whole team put it on a pedestal and danced around it for a full day and a full night asking the gods of shipping for a quick and safe delivery.

I won’t even mind if it comes late now.


do you still run windows 98 as well?


I love you Discourse, but sometimes :roll_eyes:

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You could have told me before I typed my post.

Anyone around who can go drop 10 characters into : The Official Xbox One Thread please, so I don’t have to retype stuff.



Very, very keen to pick up a bunch of things from Displate. Been thinking about it for a while, and coincidentally was looking at stuff again just a day or two ago because one of the Yogscast Jingle Jam Bundle things is a 40% discount voucher for Displate.

What did you order? And how is it being shipped? (door-to-door courier or post office.) Let us know what the quality is like once you do get it please.


Nah dude too expensive. Boss said dos only


I hope you still have your thing ready.


Hey why would you steal my work pc!


Yeah I only found out about them because of the JingleJam, and thought I might as well get one for my birthday, since the code expires in the end of Dec?(can’t remember now actually), the one I got was still quite a bit expensive even with the discount, I am expecting great things tho, since it is imported from Poland(according to tracking number), yet delivery is 4-5 days, which is waaay better than frigen Raru that needs like 10-15 days, and so far from the emails it looks promising. Delivery is DHL door-to-door, and hopefully should be here by next week, I browsed around their site a little, they have quite a bit of stuff, anime, games, series etc, but this is what I decided to get in the end:

67.5 cm x48 cm




Region locks suck…


Need help?


mmmm, just tried a VPN, it removed the message, but the key does not appear in my account


Morning all




Morning Everyone


Morning everyone. I see lots of coffee in my future for the day. Luckily its Friday!!!


Morning everyone. Yay it’s almost weekend!

How was the show @DieGrootHammer?