Beating Off 2.0


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But your entire competition is based around creating threads!


Let us beat off on who ever we want!
Those that want no part of it can just close their mouths


I know! It’s so bad!


You are welcome to come get some if you bring coffee


You shouldnt trust people who don’t like coffee to bring you some lol


You shouldn’t trust people who don’t like coffee period


Very true, coffee rules

dammit I need to get milk to make some coffee here


As a general rule, can we just accept that nothing posted in this thread qualifies for Out of Context? Otherwise it would be completely flooded by Flex’s beating off double entendres.


They live amongst us


I am a little saddened that there was no “mass debate” comment made.


Oh hi there.


Good day kind sir! Might I interest you in a tasty beverage?


Wait waht?? What are you speaking of?


Hi everyone


My new work pc, pity its paired up with a shitty GT210, i already voided the warranty, since these Dell’s are pretty much un upgradeable i had to tap and solder into the propriety sata power cable another sata power connector to power my SSD from my old PC, and carry over the gt210 for my dual screen setup here



hai hai Donsie

Falling asleep typing out notes


Sitting here waiting for Takealot to tell me i can pick up my new monitor. but no. they are slow as dicks today.


the boss is not going to buy me an i7 or a threadripper as an office PC, and this is Eons faster than the 1st gen i3 i was using for the past few years