Beating Off 2.0


Morning everyone. Late start for me today, and back-to-back meetings awaits


haha. i was just joking dude. But I am also a firm believer in the herbs. I had massive panic attacks for about 4 years. It got so bad at a point I went to the hospital at least once a week thinking I’m dying from a heart attack and where i was avoiding everything because I always thought in the back of my mind that this shit is going to happen when i don’t want ti to happen. So I just stayed at home and refused to go anywhere. And as fucked up and shallow as it sounds, all that shit is in your mind. I told myself I won’t let this shit affect me anymore. That together with some weed to relax has worked wonders for me.

And it really sounds like some hippy bullshit. But its all in the mind. and taking your mind off it works. However you find a way to do that. I was on medication, it did fuck all except fuck up my life further. Pills are rarely the answer.


Smoke a joint


Ahhh okay ! You would be surprised by how many people know nothing-0 about THC and CBD.

Agree that pills are Bullshit.

The only reason that I do not smoke lots is because i got stoned and just want to sleep.

But for people that have issues with anxiety and stress, smoking a joint will have no better effect than using a CBD product. They might just get the unwanted effects of being high or stoned.


Yeah thats the fun part :rofl:


Morning everyone!
I’m with Flex on this one on how to manage anxiety. Covering it up with a drug isn’t getting you anywhere in the long run.
czc, I don’t really think joining an Ironman will lower anxiety levels…?


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Fixed !


Ok so I survived. Got lucky, just a crown and one small hole to be filled.

I believe in the CBD - I use the vape version, cos I use a lot less of it for the calming effect. The nice thing is it calms me down, but not high. I dont do the high - control issues.


If ya’ll would prefer that I don’t split off “real talk” discussions (ooh! I’m renaming the IRL tag!) from Off Beat into their own topics, let me know.


I’m not a fan of the politics talk


I think its fine to split them out. Let keep off beat irreverent.


10 chars please


These are such big issues, I wanted to discuss them with ya’ll. It’s a bit of an experiment to see if we can do so civilly, while walking that line I wrote about so long ago.

So far the discourse has been OK.

Please do flag when you think we step off the line.

Also, if you feel these kinds of discussions make you not want to come to the forum. I would rather not have them than have that.


We can’t do it civilly! You are all stupid!

/runs off into the distance


I think it went really well.

EDIT: And Soli ruined it :joy:


No. He made it perfect :rofl:.


Beating off should be a place where you can beat off and have whatever it is spread around over everyone. Don’t start splitting stuff up and policing it.

If someone want a dedicated thread where they want to talk politics, let them create one and discuss it solely there. if it appears on here, so be it. Those interested will respond, those not will pass on by. Then as with any Smack Talk it will fade away


Nah, I think it’s great that it was split up.

I’m guilty of not creating threads for things than can do with threads. Especially serious issues like the ones that were taken out should be taken out where they can be discussed properly.


And this is why I luffs you all, we can have totally silly convos, and then serious and back to silly in a minute.

Also I thought I should let you know I spoiled myself and got some biltong and droewors with my winnings :smiley: