There is no coal shortage --- Eskom stopped taking delivery



Did you guys see this?

Apparently there isn’t a shortage of coal and Eskom is lying to us! Just to get an increase. If that’s the case then it’s absolutely shocking!

Beating Off 2.0

Stop spreading Fake News Soli


It better be fake news or I’ll be very angry.


Get a little bit angry


If you were to believe the EFF, they would say its all a stunt to bring Eskom to brink of collapse in order to get a mandate to privatise


EFF wants to nationalize everything, how would privatization of Eskom help them?


Yeah fuck I am already angry.


It gives them something to make noise about and score political points/votes.

On the other side, privatisation would probably give the PIC a nice cash boost. Cash that could be used in questionable business investment/ventures…


I would love for SA to separate Supply from distribution of Electricity. Let Eskom be a supplier and distributer, but if a private supplier wants to come along, let them. Distribution needs to be carefully controlled, but doesn’t need to be explicitly a public or parastatal.


I fully agree. Being so dependant on a single supplier is not wise.

Perhaps this can be achieved by spinning off distribution to a new entity and Eskom sells off some power stations to local consortiums to pay off some debt and bring operational costs under control


The UK (for interest) separated out their energy sector into Supply, Distribution and Transmission.

80% of the supply in the UK comes from British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, SSE and Scottish Power

Distribution and transmission are handled by separate entities.


Part of the problem is that Eskom controls the entire chain, end-to-end and NERSA…well let’s just say I don’t fully understand why we have a National Energy Regulator if they only really have to reel in Eskom.


Yes, yes they are. And why not? They’re comfortable enough lying to Parliament, why not to us lowly citizens.

That was on 21st November. Unless of course Eskom’s “foreseeable future” only reaches 10 days. The scumbags lie, cheat, steal, all seemingly without conscience, culpability or remorse.


That can be solved. With Eskom on the brink (allegedly i suppose), if they go into business rescue to prevent a full collapse, it wouldnt be a big stretch to arrange a splitting of generation and transmission/distribution if politicians can sell the story of it being in the publics best interest to do so.


Another “fun” fact is that by 2050 Eskom wants to decommission all but two Coal power stations. Medupi (which is not fully operational) and Kusile (which is currently being built) will remain. But I’m apparently terrible at math; ~40000MW comes from Coal out of the total 52811MW of generating capacity we have.

Medupi will (once operational) produce 4764MW and Kusile around 4800MW; Now that’s only 9564MW, which means we’re 30000MW short somewhere unless I’m unable to do Eskom maths.


This I heard of last night, I hope for all our sakes that government say no, but we know our eejits in charge.

South African Parliament agrees to consider Constitutional amendment for land expropriation without compensation

For the first time I’m seriously considering getting solar. I’ve been looking at grid tied systems this morning - looks like that will meet my requirements. I just have no idea how big a system I’ll need.
Do you guys know of any providers in Gauteng?

I only know

I don’t care if Eskom has or hasn’t got coal or whatever their excuse of the day is, the less money I have to give them, the better. I can’t imagine that a “solar power tax” will be more than my savings from using solar power?


I don’t think there is any load shedding either.


We have solar panels at the office. I wouldn’t say I’m too impressed with the system here, I think my boss was conned.

You want to DIY?


You can also check out Rubicon and Solar Africa.