Beating Off 2.0


No man. That’s the wrong way to think about it. You want him to find the faults so that it doesn’t cripple you at some point in the future when you least expect it.


Ive already been there, the amount of extractions and implants they have done is scary and I honestly cant afford it anymore. I still have 2 implants I need to do but I cant so it will wait till I have money again
Hence the anxiety attacks.

The CBD Oil is helping me cope at least


Smoke the real thing. Works so much better.


No. Get something active to do that you enjoy. Gets you healthier and best way to relieve stress and anxiety. And not just something where you are at home in the same environment


no. smoke the weed.


I agree join an Ironman


THC will not really do anything for the anxiety and stress though.


Hang in there Wyv, thinking of you!

Personally my mouth is a mess, only when it is extremely painful do I go to the dentist. Cannot afford it otherwise.


That is why I do training with mcfloof, I do that every night. And our nightly walks.

it helps up to a point. But my head is a very broken space :smiley:


Just keep going. Go Further and increase the speed a bit each time. Set goals.

Tyson Fury was on Joe Rogans pod cast the other day.
He suffered badly from Anxiety and depression.
He decided he was not going to take any kind of meds at all.
He kept active and set goals. He said setting goals, working towards them and achieving it is what helped him. Then he set another goal and another and another.


Jup that is what I am doing, I can’t afford to go on the meds, so I deal with it naturally, exercise, good food, losing 1 kg a week for the past 5 weeks, the anxiety has been less, but my total fear of dentists is a huge trigger. I went to a crap dentist that messed my teeth up badly. And since then my fear of them kept me away no matter the pain I was in. Now over the past 3 years been sorting my teeth out. Im almost at the point where its ok, I will always have issues, thanks to crappy genetics and being a teeth grinder.


I have avoided dentists since school… Fear them as well.

I had braces twice.
You know that kid from Edd Ed and Eddy with the head brace/Halo around his head? I had one that like that I had to wear…
Even went in for an operation because my one front tooth did not want to come out as it was too big O_o

So I 100% get where you are coming from


think I should just go back to bed…


Yea I had the braces and all that jazz as well. My dentist is at the point where he wants to give my botox just to relax my jaw muscles just to expensive for me.

@MalicE I say go sleep


Big expensive exam in 4 days. A month of 2 hours study a day is now coming to its pointy end. My nerves! It is the first exam of the new version of the syllabus to be written, there are no existing exam dumps.

Other members of the people I attended the course with have reported over two thirds of the class has failed it first time around in the last month.


I’ve never been to a dentist.



We are supposed to have loadshedding now but we still have power… :roll_eyes:


You’ll do well.


wait for it…


I wish I could. so tired…