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Dude! Glad you caught them in time.

We had a situation with Tshwane some years ago where they would constantly come and cut the power of my mom’s house. It would take hours to resolve because they would just assume non-payment. You would have to spend almost an hour on hold, then get a call centre agent to check the account, then log a call for technicians to come out again, then follow up hours later when the technicians don’t arrive.

One time, they came and cut our power on a Friday afternoon. They were going to leave us without power until my mom called the contact centre and calmly eviscerated the person on the other side. The agent had to lie, saying that we had a child in the house on some kind of medical machine who would die if Tshwane didn’t send a technician immediately.

That day I went out and watched how they reconnect the power, so now I can do it myself. I’d just need to buy those crazy thick gloves they wear, the right boots, and the proper screwdriver :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Important detail: They were after our neighbour, who had yet to build a house on his property and had nothing drawing electricity on his land as far as we could tell.


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anxiety levels thru the roof, dentist appointment at 10 and I am petrified of what he will find this time - it seems he always finds something horrible

Almost no sleep, and the panic attacks will not go away.

I keep telling me he will not find anything, over and over and its really not working.