Beating Off 2.0


Morning all. Another blink and you’ll miss it night. Meeting with an accountant today. Will be interesting.
Hope the weather is good where you are, and have a good day :ok_hand:


yeah it went out, for 3 hours


Morning people of the palace

power will go out in 4mins if I am unlucky


Another 4.5 hours for us from midday again today. Sucks to be a Joburger today.


Good morning everyone.


Well the power is still on, so no idea if we will lose it.

So far we have had 3 hours in total since loadshedding has started.


Morning everyone. Fun times ahead. Are we really looking at load shedding into the unforeseeable future?

Our 23andme ancestry saliva collection kits arrived! Need to do some spitting later on.


Mornin’ all

We had load shedding on Sunday morning, then in the evening, lighting took out a fuse on our pole. Took Eskom about 18 hours to send someone out with an insulated pole to push it back in. We were running on one phase out of 3. During that time, I had to explain to someone that’s why some rooms have lights and others don’t, and why none of the plugs work. They still wanted me to change their lightbulb


Yup more loadshedding for me at work today. Thankfully the UPS system thats still here seems to holding up


Best video ever


I reported high packet loss to my ISP last week.

Got this update on the ticket today

“Issue related to high interference on tower.
Interference has been restored.”

Um… thanks?


Dude, they replaced the jack in my house - magically that will fix my issues - my connection was at 7megs last night this morning at 4. . . . according to telcom nothing wrong - all their fancy tests tell them its all fixed.
I want to cry


“Fixed” in Telkom terms means “within acceptable parameters”; Try restarting the router and see if that makes any difference.


I have done everything, from replacing the router, the cables, the jack, the splitter

I gave up

I will cry myself to sleep rather than deal with them


I had to drive home super quick now. City Power phoned from the gate that they want to go into our complex to cut our power. And then the call dropped. I quickly drove home. And it really was City Power but they were at the wrong house! We live in unit 60 in our complex and the number of the house next door to our complex is number 60. So they were supposed to go there. So we almost had our power cut for no reason.


Dude dont you love that, people are really needing to learn to read


Not going to happen.


Gently rocking backwards and forwards apparently also helps when doing that


I have honestly given up, no idea how to get them to fix the issue


you can always pump some mains electricity back into the Telkom infrastructure and then log a call after discarding the evidence that you’ve done that