Beating Off 2.0


I dunno, there’s a picture of Nic Cage a few posts up that is helping


that wasnt nic cage btw… pretty sure its kevin hart
oh wait there was an actual picture of Nicholas Cage… who i confused with luke cage… my bad


Welcome hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome


It has been one hellova year, but @SIGSTART alerted me to MEW doing Destiny 2, so I came on over to see what’s up. And of course to beat off with you guys.


Yes come join us in D2! Since I cant warframe D2 is my new home


I’m a PS4 pleb tho - I heard you guys are mostly jamming on PC. BUT I’m down for D2 time since my friends have decided to be lame-o dweebs who have “work” and “family” or something that’s distracting them from gaming.


Must be the first time someone has ever complained about a wet pussy…

I agree with the second person, better wet than being hurt.


Ai ai you console plebs. We luff you but ai ai :stuck_out_tongue:



Would he prefer his cat to be shot or poisoned?


Power outage in t minus 5 min.


1 min…



did it happen?


and??? (this is 10 characters)


Still have power


One should be glad but, I don’t know if its going to be off later so plans are all crewed now


Shame, my poor boss had to go to the hospital, they found blood clots in his leg. Very dangerous but luckily caught it quickly. That did mean however that I had to do his work today. So I am extremely tired and only got home now. Time to UCook though.


Hectic! How did they find the clots?


He was complaining about an inflamed calf,and last night it was sore enough that he went to the hospital. They scanned and said he should take an available bed.


was he traveling a lot aka flying?