Beating Off 2.0


Okay, damn son. I’m content with my DDR3 1333 x2 4GB.

I don’t have upgrade money, but I would so love a newer gen Intel Quad Core ‘K’ CPU.


The guys on SA Gamer also recommends it (cool ideas), unfortunately I have to fight the dad about it. I will lose this fight.



As long as you not paying for install and you go month to month contract, it doesnt really matter all that much, IMO.


I’m running DDR3 1333 4x 2gb

soon to be replaced by DDR3 1333 3x 4gb


…what kind of fuckery is this??? O_o


hang aan ek teken 'n prent


Quite a markup…I used to buy “Expensive” pre-made fiber at R50/m

They must be using unicorn hair fibers



seems like a scam


That sounds like something Ollivander would say if he was selling fiber.


Why do all that digging though?


They are refusing to go thru the garage why I dont know. No one can give me an answer.

Im at the point where I am fed up. I still kakked out the guys when they did the original trenching, I wanted the end point on the red corner going up to the house on the left. We are technically the last house on the block. But no, they had to make life difficult.


YESSSSS, im getting that Jersey!!! I convinced the husband to buy it for me as either a xmas or birthday gift!!! Whooohoooo!

also he was at the gym when i convinced him of this cause he said i was bothering him :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Winner winner!

Dai was slim gewees!


hahaha ek moet mention dat ek ook vir hom gese het dat hy dit moet koop want ek moes self vir my eie Ed Sheeran Kaartjie betaal incl syne (wat vir my verjaarsdag is en hy het nou nogi vir my die geld gegee nie) en hy hoef nie saam Ed sheeran toe te gaan nie, maar het gese hy sal saam kom toe ek vra of ek vir hom ook a kaartjie moes koop. so fair is only fair


Ek stem dis net fair!

En weereens love ek my bure



ja spuit die fokken katte.


This thread title caught my attention


did it disappoint yet?