Beating Off 2.0


If there are enough people there I’ll even drive through, it’s not too far. not like CT or JHB.



man i have had a headache now for two days and it aint going away… and im writing exam tomorrow, ugh, if only i can sleep the whole day


greetings !!


Good luck with your exam @wenzdayz!


Good luck with the exam. Is it still for C# ?


Thans @Solitude and @czc

No its for HTML5 and CSS3 , not too hard or shall i say makes more sense than what C# did


My biggest problem with CSS3 is actually getting something to look good.



I completely forgot, I am back at the office and have been since 10ish, Telkom was there at 8:30 - he tested the line, agreed something is wrong, redid the wiring from the cable outside to the one inside, and replaced the jack - so far so good. So we shall see


now you can play Crucible properly :smiley:


Bwhaahahahahaha in your dreams - its to fast for my motionsickness


fine… then we Gambit


Yep I wanna try that :smiley:
Also anyone heard of

I have to choose between them, or supersonic that delivers no service


I have heard a lot of good things of Cool Ideas


Ironies het hulle baie negatiewe reviews op hellopeter


hmmmm… strange

as ek reg onthou was @Solitude een van die mense wat gesê het hulle is pretty good


also, sien hulle het nie free installation nie…

bummer dat Supersonic ook 'n FUP het. or rather 'n AUP soos hulle dit noem


Yea Ipcomms offer free installation en trenching, supersonic gee 8meter en dan charge hulle R150 per meter - ek is so 10meter kort.
Die ander ding is IPcomms se eienaar bly in die buurt, so hy respond onmiddelik op issues, maar so ver se al die mense hulle is goed.


I too have heard good things about CISP. I know some people using them on openserve and vumatel networks.

The best part is month to month. If you arent happy, you can move to a different ISP.


Been with Cool Ideas on Vumatel line since the beginning of my fibre connection a little over a year now. One or two short downtimes for system maintenance, but always notified well in advance, and run in early hours of the morning. A few times we’ve had pretty bad connection speeds but they’ve generally all turned out to be issues on Vumatels’ side. Month-to-month contract is a bonus, but haven’t (yet, knock on wood) felt a need to even investigate which other ISPs are providing services in the area.