Beating Off 2.0


APC is the best brand when it comes to UPS, however since its for your laptop you don’t really need all the fancy protection. Just get a back up UPS with the highest kVA rating you’re willing to pay for


Cool will do. And we have power again 3 hours of loadshedding :frowning:


Made the decision for a gas stove and fireplace when we built our house 5 years ago. With the load shedding we’ve been able to boil water for the baby’s bottles so it can cool down in advance for feeding time when it’s dark. Besides the convenience of always being able to make hot food and water, the costs are phenomenally low. We have 2x 19kg bottles in our gas “cage” outside and a single one lasts us a good 6 months. That means it costs us less than R100 in gas each month!


Just looking through this again seeing where everyone is, am I the only one in the Eastern Cape, nevermind in PE. Closest person is TechThief in Kimberly.

I think I’ll go have my own meetup but only I’ll attend :grin: I’ll also take a photo and then everyone can guess who is who :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@bradbear117 shouldn’t be too far from you…

Edit 1: I’m also pretty sure “Point 6” is supposed to be @DieGrootHammer. Oh, and @FriedPet I didn’t know you hailed from Henley! My wife’s uncle and aunt (and our one god-child) lives there as well. It’s a small town and I’d be surprised if you haven’t run into them before. We had our god-child’s one birthday there at the Spur in Meyerton 2 years ago.

Edit 2: I’m also guessing “Cambridge” is supposed to be @PsychoFish?


I could do the same for Durban it seems


@FarligOpptreden 2 days…



Erm… Yes? In 2 days it’s the 5th of December, which is probably a good day, being a Wednesday and all…


2 full days, then it’s the 6th.

Guess that didn’t work :sob::grin:


Yup, the 6th is a Thursday. A day when I have a site inspection at a client of the attorneys for which I’m involved in yet another arbitration. Fun stuff.


I need a CPU upgrade more than anything else.


Ok. Just saw that Discourse says it’s your bday. Maybe it’s not. Was trying to build the hype a bit.


32 GB of ultrafast DDR4 is not to be scoffed at


Yup, that be me


It is my birthday… As of that specific day, I’m officially on the downward slope to 40. Not that I’m really planning anything for my birthday - it’s just gonna be another day at another client doing some more work. We have our year-end function the day after that, so that should be fun at least. :slight_smile:


Woaw, blink and it’s morning. Morning everyone. Have a good day :+1:


Morning everyone.


Morning all

Waiting at home for the telscum techie to arrive


Hope you don’t have any plans, the arrival date is more of a suggestion.


I know there are more people from Eastern Cape but maybe in East London.