Beating Off 2.0


The true OG



vs the very forced “I’m Batman” from Christian Bale


or this video

Now notice how Val Kilmer actually has the most convincing “I’m Batman” voice, pity EVERYTHING else around Batman Forever sucked


oh will you look at that the “TWO” have come into the office… im thinking i need to go out for lunch


En het jy oorleef


LOL, ek wag nog vir die drama…dit gaan kom as hulle waai


bwahahahaha ai ai

tablet needs a new screen, it turns on but screen fooked. At least only R600


See you all in the morning, or later rather


Aaaand it’s morning. But it’s Friday yay. Have a good one :+1:


Morning everyone. Yay for Friday. So looking forward to not working this weekend.


greetings !!!


Morning people of the palace

Hope you have a great day.


OMG Mornings

flipping save me form this place…

omg if the boss can just decide already how he wants to do stuff cause he keeps changing his flipping mind every 5 seconds.

so now he wants me to create a folder with a date for each email that i have to save instead of just adding the date to the e-mail to save it…now i will have 10 folders each with a different date with 1 or maybe two emails each in it…ugh


Seriously dit raak nou belaglik laf.

Ek sou skaam kry as ek hy was.


ja plus hy het nie vir die ander twee gister gese hulle moet hulle pc’s se username en passwords neerskryf nie, so nou wil hy he ek moet hulle gaan vra want hy wil nie die IT ou vra om net hulle password the overwrite nie. ek gaan nie daai mense vra vir hulle passwords nie. hy moes dit gedoen het.


Dis beslis nie jou werk nie, dis sy werk, en as hy nie wil vra nie dan kry IT

Ek kannie sulke petty kak verdra nie


me a bit later today:



Jy is welkom om hier to kom wegkruip


so this guy wants to play Batman…

:rofl::rofl::joy::joy: so since batman will be younger he now also needs a squeeky voice…this is the funniest thing i have read today… so far…