Beating Off 2.0





I’d suggest he starts smoking 60 a day


Is it nap time?


yes please… :tired_face:


this day and heat is jut unbearable


It’s already morning so I’ll read you all later


Morning all


Morning everyone.


Morning all


Morning Everyone.

I’m spending my morning walking through the streets of random small towns in Canada instead of doing some work :confused:



Also good day

Im busy painting pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


I find it very intriguing to see what the other side of the fence looks like. Spent some time walking through the streets of some Australian towns the other day.


I was going to complain about the price of movie tickets and snacks at cinemas in the UK.

However, I bought a beer and nachos at the cinema… No problems anymore


I was just about to ask “whaaaaaaa???”, but then I kinda made the connection. Yeah, I do that sometimes as well.


No - but as far as I know, it was supposed to be around the 300,000 mark…

Oh hey, how’s it going?


Morning all. Have a good sunday chill day





Morning everyone.
What a lovely storm we had last night! Had to get up to close all the windows and let the dogs in, so my sleep was a bit interrupted, but nothing a cup of coffee can’t fix. Appreciate all the rain.


Morning peoples! Struggled to wake up this morning since it’s nice and dark outside. But the dogs were all like yeah! Another day! Kisses kisses kisses! Give us sweeties! Run all around!


Morning everyone. That was probably the first weekend of proper sport, and it was awesome!!! Can’t wait for the rugby to start in earnest now.