Beating Off 2.0



Morning people of the palace

Weekend was good, relaxing for once, aka did as little as possible

Just painted the tshirts.


Good morning everyone.


I loved the sport when I could actually watch it. We had power outages for four days in a row. It was infuriating.

But man, Superhero Sunday was amazing. I loved it to bits.


Hi Hi everyone. Weekend was very busy, but had a great race yesterday


Allow me to gloat just a wee bit… We finally moved into our new offices today! Things are still a bit rough, as we don’t have any paintings and very little decor added so far, but all in all it’s a far cry from where we were. And before you ask, yes those are custom made furniture pieces. Most of them have our company branding on them.

So, here are a couple of shots I took this morning after I settled in at my new desk in my first official office ever!

A team of developers hard at work:

Insta(fake)lawn and a gas braai for the Friday afternoons:

Our custom branded tables with one of our team leads in her office:

My desk:

One of the 2 relaxation areas (this is the bottom floor one):

Our bottom entry area (we have 2 doors with the spiral staircase leading upstairs):

Our main boardroom downstairs:

The top entry area with the smaller boardroom:


I like the piping dividers, the desks look good.


We were going for an industrial / steam punk look, hence the exposed brick walls, surface-mounted conduits and copper paint. Even the bottom floor’s concrete ceilings are exposed in certain areas, like the entry hall, my partner and I’s offices and the boardroom. Floors are painted cement as well.


Congo rats @Flex

And very nice @FarligOpptreden!

Once the paint on the floor starts chipping get it all off and just polish it up :smiley:


I hope it doesn’t come off too quickly. We had it specifically renovated like that…


As long as nothing to heavy gets dragged on it often it should last a few good years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am just in love with the plain polished concrete look these days


Mornings everyone!

Very Nice @FarligOpptreden . i love the attention to detail! and those desk and chairs, man that is just awesome!


i loved superhero sunday! i must say though with all the money put behind the initiative, i felt they could have gotten better cosplayers to play the actual superheroes. Also the sponsors shoulf have taken a backseat on the game jerseys… especially the sharks’ kit, all the ADT and CellC branding just spoiled their superhero kit


It feels strange to see so many developers working in an office. In my company most work offsite, at home.


Well I now know where I want to work IF I find myself back in SA; Offices look nice @FarligOpptreden


@everyone thanks for the kind words!

These aren’t the most of our devs, to be honest. Most of the work at clients’ premises. We are in total 21 people (of which 4 are support staff, i.e. non-devs). We’re planning on branching out to Cape Town in the next 2 months and need a team of 7-9 people there for a huge project and to establish ourselves in a region other than Centurion.

@PsychoFish as if you’ll ever find yourself down here again… Besides, with the push to cloud hosting and processing, I doubt our infrastructure manager would need to be on site… hint hint. We’re moving more towards the AWS environment these days, with some Azure work where necessary. I find myself preferring Linux or Unix environments all the more these days, even though we have a couple of dedicated Windows servers at Hetzner. We’re retiring one of them soon, as we systematically moved everything over to AWS instances and they’re performing MUCH better.


If you need a cape town office manager . . . . . :stuck_out_tongue:


Funnily enough, I find Azure Web Apps work like an absolute charm for ASP .NET apps; The whole workflow is a little less clunky than Elastic Beanstalk


Will keep that in mind! :wink:

We haven’t done much .NET work recently, to be honest. I’m still pushing for as much Node.js as I can, as I find the developers to upskill themselves much faster and you end up with simpler apps written in more testable manners. Promises are a godsend for modular, dare I say functional, design. Neither .NET nor Java really has an easily understandable or implementable alternative, without a ton of plumbing code that ends up being a nightmare to maintain. Implementing promises across all the various application tiers makes is so much easier to implement repository patterns and the self-contained nature of Node.js apps makes it easier to scale horizontally. That’s my experience, at least…


@FarligOpptreden your offices are looking amazing dude! Congratulations!! So happy to see things going so well there by you. I wish I was a full time developer looking at those offices.