Beating Off 2.0


You won’t be a very productive full time developer if you just look at the offices…


I’ll quote one of the senior software engineers “I don’t care what language you use, what I do care about is you exposing your API and documenting it properly”

The biggest mistake (and it’s a common mistake at that) is that teams develop tightly coupled modules and when the project becomes large and complex it becomes incredibly hard to make changes without involving multiple teams for an extended time.


Lol fair enough. Urgh at the moment I’m more of a politician and a firefighter running around trying to fix things, and “playing” the corporate game. There is just way too much politics in big corporations.


And that is why I try to avoid the big corporate world


Being able to wear shorts to work is also a good reason to avoid big corporates


bwahaha same! We dress casually for the most part




Yup, Swagger is key. I’m also a huge proponent of being tech agnostic and implementing a repository pattern. JavaScript also makes dependency injection exceptionally easy, so splitting out modules and tiers to different tech becomes a breeze.


I know the feels - doing the same on my side, except with the corporates being my clients…


And hopefully I will have cool ideas to connect too tonight


Morning all


Morning everyone. Hope you all have a great day


Morning people of the Palace

The start of my day is kak

some how when dad left for work the gate came off its track. I tried to fix it… I can’t on my own. Got kakked out for breaking the gate… Waiting now for him to get back here to fix it…

Can this day just be over please



Ag shame man Wyvz! good luck vir die res van die dag!


Just lift it up and put it back. Those gates normaly have enough play.


The lifting is the easy part - I cant lift it alone and replace the wheels in their right spots on my own, and then make sure the gate is on the top runner.

Dad came to help, shouting and swearing at me nonstop as if I did it on purpose.

En dankie Wenzie - ek gaan dit nodig he.


If it happens again swear at him for there being to much play on the guide rollers.


I am suspecting sabotage, I removed a handful of biggish rocks from the tracks - rocks that we do not have in our area.


Howzit. Anyone see the Apex Legends announcement last night and this just before the BFV BR release?


ja saw it this morning, it looks good