Beating Off 2.0


sooo this morning my interwebs was still off since sunday evening, if its still off tonight i will have to get a telkom techie out to come and see whats wrong


Did you play it any last night?




Hai hai dude, good luck with that, my best pro tip, once you logged the fault, start tweeting it and posting complaints on FB


Nope. Watched the reveal and then went to bed :rofl: It also seems you’re forced into playing squads as there are no duos or solos. Don’t know if that’s something they’ll announce later.

Respawn Entertainment surprises the world with new Battle Royale game

Is it home time?

Also got the tablet back, they did a decent job not 100% but its good enough :smiley:


Yes it is home time! Regardless of what your boss or watch says.

Glad your screen is fixed, now back to studying.
That’s a good thing, right?


Yep it is, altho its gonna be fun to pay for my text book this month ontop of everything else :smiley:

At least it means I behave and dont waste money during the sale


Anything to help us behave and not waste money. Be careful that you don’t damage it again, can’t risk becoming too much of a model-adult :wink:

With regards to textbooks: I’m just going to come clean: I used illegal ebook copies for my most recent subjects (Feb last year). Couldn’t get myself to pay thousands of rands for textbooks that will only be used for a few months. :policeman:


Dude If I could find any I would do that as well, especially since I only need 2 more textbooks.


Check how cute these are


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Morning all


Morning everyone.



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More almal


Morning people of the palace

hope you all have a great day




Morning everyone.


I love unisa

Aguinis, H. (2016). Performance management (UNISA custom edition, HRM2604). Pearson. ISBN number: 9781784490072

Please use the correct isbn number. Although the original Herman Aguinis 3rd edition can be used, the Unisa custom edition is much more user friendly and the workbooks are based on the sections in the custom edition.