Have Collectibles spoiled games for you?



Has collectables spoiled games for you guys as well?

I am sitting here thinking I need to finish tomb raider but as soon as I want to start it up I think dam I need to go out of my way to collect things for upgrades. And then just not open it sigh.

Beating Off 2.0

I leave collectibles for the 3rd playthough


I seldom, if ever, play a game more than once. MMOs obviously being excepted, due to the grindy nature of their gameplay.


I don’t really go out of my way for collectibles. If I happen to find one I’ll collect it.


I have an oddness, I tend to not go for collectables in games, unless I trigger something that lets me know there is something to collect.

I have stopped farming for trophies and so on


I dont mind collectables as long as it leads to something like upgrades etc.

if its for an achievement or high score then hell no.


Depends what the collectables are really. I don’t generally go for achievements or trophies but I have gone out of my way to get them in the past.

Usually I like more functional collectables like @bradbear117 mentioned. Take my current obsession, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as an example. The weapons you use in the combat system all have living characters (called blades) attached to them and these are randomised, but there is a set number of rare, unique, blades that you can get. Most of them you have to get by collecting common, rare and legendary core crystals and then open those crystals while praying to the gods of RNG. At the moment I’ve been trying for about 2 hours or so now getting the last rare one to drop, but I just keep getting useless commons.


For me it really depends on the game, if collectibles are planned and give more than just a fuzzy happy feeling but rather provide something in return (perks / upgrades) then I will go after them. But if not, it depends on how fun the actual game is.

If the game is a chore to get through then I will not hunt down a piece of paper or a shiny bauble just to have a little line of text saying “Well Done”. Those days are behind me for sure, I want to enjoy playing the game. Not be forced to “work” more to get through it.


Fully agree with this. I’m not about to collect collectables for the sake of collecting them.


Depends on the game. If I love the game I will find all. If I only like the game I will get what comes my way but not go out my way.


I honestly can’t even think of a game that I’ve played before that has collectables :thinking:

I generally play games for the story, or for the strategic challenge.

That’s why I don’t play Minecraft - I can look for diamonds (or whatever) for only so long before I get frustrated.