Beating Off 2.0


The irony is I find about 3 different versions of this book under that isbn


On loot I noticed they sometimes had the subject codes on the textbook page.


Meh cant find it on loot


greetings !

i am 90 % decided on the 200 gig afrihost Cell C LTE package for R845 a month (6 month contract then i get a free router)


Just test Cell C at your house before you get something from them. We are supposed to have good Cell C coverage at our house but my wife was with Cell C and signal was just about non-existent.


i just dont have any devices on cell c at present


People who do this should not have computers


Its not that dusty.


Burn it with fire?





I love my dogs
I got each of them a hoof to chew
since the pup is in the teething stage
Vikki and Becky grabbed their hooves and ran to different corners
Mika sniffed it and walked away
so I filled it with peanut butter
he licks the peanut butter but wont chew the hoof


REPOST! 10 chars


Obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


my boss is so delusionalā€¦

he really thinks its going to be quick to move an entire office and get everything working in one day with the useless IT people which he is still insisting on usingā€¦


Wanna swop?

I was on hold with an eejit at MTN
waited 20mins and the call went dead
called back and the guy I was dealing with went for a coffee breakā€¦
I lost my shit.



Maar ek wil weghol en onder a klip gaan wegkruip


Jy kan hier in die kaap kom wegkruip ok


preparing myself for the long evening without inter webs :persevere:


TT Connect is downstairs looking for signatures. Apparently they need 30% of the building to show interest. I already signed their thing last year.