Beating Off 2.0




i feel like going with telkom uncapped LTE


I think just about anyone will be better than MTN and supersonic


I’m going to Unreal Fest 2019



Congrats have fun!


So this happened:


Lekker sê hulle


Morning everyone :+1:


Morning everyone.


Morning people of the palace

Now the waiting game starts of when will Supersonic phone me


Good luck and well done for standing up to them! Most South Africans have too much patience with bad service.


Hehehe Not me, I am the first one to speak up. And I will not back down, they have no idea how stubborn and upset I am. If I haven’t heard from them by 10am I am creating the Hello Peter complaint.




I’ll hire you next time i need someone kak’d out


Hehe keep in mind this is something that has been brewing for almost 3 weeks

I don’t fly off the handle for just about anything. But I cannot handle incompetence and laziness and useless liars.

I just got a call saying the issue was sorted, I am waiting for an email confirming the conversation


greetings !!

traffic was a nightmare this morning


Shame man!

At least I had a lovely phone call from one of the top management from Supersonic, apologising for the service and all that. I also received the email confirming we are done with them


the IT idiot is here… oh what fun


ooooooooooooooh good luck - se net as ek iemand moet uit kak :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHA Flip if only, ek sal wat wil gee om iemand te klap