Beating Off 2.0


Hahahaha ek kan glo, ek was gister op dai punt, ek het 'n oog gehad wat non stop getwitch het van woede

Ek gaan met lunch kyk of ek my connection kan laat werk


ek wil weer naar word van woede, eks heeltyd flippen naar… die mans mens is soos a afkop hoender(die baas nie die IT ou nie)


Ek sal nog met dai kan cope, myne is op die oomblik geneig om irrationeel uit te bars en die verkeerde mense aka me, uit te kak


Yay so we are 1 step closer to fiber, the only thing stopping us is the wonderful mtn again


And it’s friday. Have a good one :+1:


Morning everyone. It’s Friday!!!


Reminds me that I need to put a lap time down!


Morning people of the palace

I am over this week and over fighting with MTN. We still cannot access the freaken fiber


Good Morning everyone.


Morning peoples. I’m seriously looking forward to the weekend.

@Wyvern I hope you come right with the fibre. It sucks that it must be such a hassle!


Thanks honestly I am over it and the drama it is causing :frowning:


Gaming has been delayed since lightning cut the power…



Morning all


Good morning all.


Good morning, hope everyone has a great weekend!


urgh… been feeling feverish and body aching fopr now the second day. Popping so many tablets and grandpa powders.


So hopefully a restful weekend for you. I must admit I enjoyed a good sleep in this morning, it helps that the kids are old enough to keep themselves occupied so they don’t come wake you up :smiley:

Get well dude



so i ordered a telkom uncapped LTE 24 month contract, hopefully i dont have any shit from them


@BeoTeK with your new profile image :grin:


I always recognise people posting by their profile pics