Beating Off 2.0


Morning everyone

Congrats @Entity on the 5000th post in the second beating off session


Afternoon people of the palace

Spent the morning shopping, chuffed that I got 3 winter jerseys so long and lovely dragonfly earrings :stuck_out_tongue:

(yes I spoiled myself for once)

I also bought a crap ton of fruit for my smoothies :smiley: So now to chop it all up and freeze it.

Then painting a fortnite logo for a kid
And more Division later on


the kid will be better off without it.


I agree but that is what he wants

He is also getting an Ark one if that helps


Poseidon is taking a massive piss on kimberley, and still there are cnts driving without their headlights on… freaking hate those people.


My PC is definitely showing its age…

Apex Legends runs worse than Mass Effect: Andromeda :neutral_face::unamused:


Morning palace people :wave:


good afternoon

3kgs of dog biscuits done

Finished this as well


And here I thought Fortnite is all about Battle Royale… Seems more Minecraft by the looks of it. Vest looks nice though!


Morning all


Morning peoples!

Metro Exodus releases this week and Super Rugby starts!


Morning everyone. Hope everyone had a good weekend.


I’m already sick of loadshedding


We’ve been having power issues in our area where our power would go out every day for 4 days in a row. And then City Power decided to be dicks about it and yesterday our power was off from 1pm to 4pm due to load shedding.

I really hate Eskom.


Morning people of the palace

Weekend was to short.


Wow thats hectic sorry dude.

Those 4 hour long loadshedding blocks in JHB is crazy


We had 4.5 hours yesterday… From 16:00 to 20:30. With an almost 6 month old baby it really wasn’t all that much fun… Especially the scorching heat - we had to open all windows and doors and invite in a whole colony of mosquitoes in the process, then try and fight them off a baby that was trying to sleep.


greetings !!!


Yeah, the loadshedding is a mission. I see we might be hit with 2x 2.5 hour sessions tomorrow (so far we haven’t had any luckily).
I’m planning on going mostly solar, but first need to get a new house. Wouldn’t be very smart making that kind of investment in the current house since we’re outgrowing it already. If I finance the solar with the house, at the rate we’re using electricity, it would about half our monthly bill which works out about the same as the increase in installment for the home loan (that is if I take the battery backup too).


Good morning!

The IT idiot is in and can’t for the life of him get our Internet (or shall I say router) working… And we are scheduled for loadsheding from 12.