Beating Off 2.0


Jirre julle catch nettie 'n break nie!

Toemaar, my baas het weer files verloor (aka van een folder gemove na 'n totally irrelavent een)


Lol ja ek sit jou hier en speel op my foon ek gaan geen hulp bied nie, hulle moet maar voel. Ek het hopenlik Vrydag a interview vir a ander werk…


Ek hou styf duimvas!

Ek is nou al verby gatvol vir onnodige drama


Ek ook hoor dis why ek nou die “not my circus” houding het


Yea die beste is om nie betrokke te raak nie.


Good morning all. So in a few minutes time I have the pleasure of 4.5 hours of now electricity. I am SO looking forward to it…


WAnna swop? I can use that to summarize another chapter :smiley:


Now that is an un-refusable offer!


The fact that I want to study rather than sit at the office is the sad part


Hey! It seems to have worked… well at least the power is still on over here.


Where are you living these days? I remember you moved but don’t think you told us where to.


Weltevreden Park - back to my homeland :smile: So not all that far from where I was.


Nice. I think you are in 3B now like us. So your power was probably off yesterday afternoon?


Yup it was, caught us by surprise.


So if the powers off for 4.5 hours from now, do businesses just close up for the day?


Just had loadshedding at the office from 9. It was raining so the solar panels were no help and the batteries couldn’t sustain either.


Stage 4 load shedding announced!



Just got that as well


They should threaten to fire or cancel leave for Eskom people again, that stopped load shedding in December…

I’d be losing my shit if I was in SA


Dude between the loadshedding and the joke that is the state capture bull. . .