Beating Off 2.0



But there is the issue - maple bacon is one thing

But maple touched bacon sounds like facon, aka bacon that touched a maple leaf? a drop of maple syrup? a tree?


wheres our resident canadian? @murfle he will know whats what


good day everyone, we had nice floods where i stay on tuesday…


Donsie! how goes it?

Did you guys survive?


Yeah, sounds like they’re skimping on maple syrup.


It was crazy rain.


Oh goodness! How to have a heart attack, stroke, stomach ulcers and colon cancer all at once…



I present you …

Beer & Treacle cured bacon


Is it home time yet?

rain has finally stopped but weird sinus headach wont lift.

also excited, I got Sceletium capsules - natural mood stabiliser and thc capsules at 15mg to help with sleep issues. 1 in the morning and 1 at night as needed


good, we did but some peoples cars might not have


It was a shock. When we departed from OR Tambo the pilot said it was bright and sunny skies in CT. When we landed we were drenched in rain when we got to the terminal building. Now it’s freezing cold from the wind. In short, I’m in love with this weather!


If you like freezing cold, wind and rain…


Ahahaha yep its amazing! Im soooooo happy, the funny part is the puppy cannot pee on the grass at the moment


Morning all. Friday. That is all.


I know, I know…


greetings ! its almost weekend cause im so over this stressful week


Morning all

The thc capsule worked like a charm! I slept like a log, also didnt wake up groggy

But I managed to sleep in a weird position thanks to the pup and now my neck and one knee is sore. Also managed to bang my head on a table, now I have a lovely bump

Hopefully this day just gets better


Good morning everyone.


What is a thc capsule?

I’m exhausted. I just don’t know how to sleep anymore.


Still the heat getting to you?