Beating Off 2.0



I don’t know. Brain just doesn’t want to switch off.


Basically it is the same as the cannabis oil. It is a lower potency so that it does not make you totally zombie.
The plant etc is taken and all the oils are extracted. This is then put in the capsule. Various strengths are for various problems. We have a 1000mg that we use for Cancer patients.
It is a strong THC concentrate than when you smoke it and it is also absorbed better by the stomach lining
The release on the capsule is also slower. So it lasts longer.


So it seems that Steam has got you covered if you feel like playing something new for the weekend. All these games are having a Free Weekend:
Warhammer: Vermintide II
Mortal Kombat X
Conan Exiles

And Blade Symphony is going full Free to Play


Anyone playing DMC this weekend? Seems like it could be fun but i haven’t touched a spectacle fighter in years.


I have just spent 20mins on hold and on the phone with telscum who is still sending us invoices = the person I spoke to actually admitted they owe us money!

Now just to get the trudon section sorted aka white and yellow pages we have cancelled this a few times now and they are still trying to charge us



I see the super rugby is going “well” again this weekend…teams are showing such lovely consistency… :persevere::disappointed:


haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai wenzie!


No thanks :smiley: But write us a review!


Think I’ll skip spending the R930 :wink:


weed is die antwoord vir alles.


Yep ma so kan ek dit effects kry sonder om die reuk te he :stuck_out_tongue: Plus dis cheaper


Die reuk is die beste deel.


nee ek is nie 'n fan nie


ja maar jy is fokken weird man.


Dit weet ons almal
en ek is trots daarop


wait a year then you can pick it up for R80 probably :wink:


MAN I would love to have one of these desks…


I’ve wanted one for years now at work but the boss won’t even consider it :frowning_face:


i cant believe we cant get decent desks like these here in SA… i wonder what shipping on these would cost


actually i see there is a company that sells a similar type desk in SA. it only costs R12k and has non of the extras that evodesk place offers…