Beating Off 2.0



There is nobody here expect us ghost.


spooooky :ghost:



Morning y’all.




Took my way too long bwhahaha


aloha everyone


Morning all :wave:


Morning everyone!


I think I’m still half asleep


Morning everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend.


Morning people.
Busy, working weekend. Can hopefully leave work soonish and get some good rest today.



we have not had power since yesterday evening and city power are not divulging what the problem is except to say they have requested supplies :unamused:


greetings ! what a super wet monday morning


Morning people of the palace

What a lovely wet weekend - the rain was and still is awesome. There was even a little thunder.

Took it easy the whole weekend. Finished 2 books and 2 tv series


So much rain!

You know someone’s having a bad day when you see a random bumper floating in a flooded section of road.


Good morning everyone. Cloudy start to the day. Change is coming.


What kind of router can i suggest to the boss to buy to replace this piece of junk Huawei with? cause im going to go insane!!!


Dit gaan afhang watter konneksie julle het.