Beating Off 2.0



We have an indoor shower in the office kitchen - waiting for the plumber to bring replacement pipe.


wel LTE, want die baas insist om die adsl te cancel…

ekt nou my ou(wel nie so oud) TP Link router by die huis gaan haal, sodat ons die adsl connection at least kan gebruik. ugh


Jou beste bet gaan wees om iemand te kry wat jou baas na luister - om vir hom te verduidelik LTE is useless?


It depends what problem you’re experiencing exactly. If you have too many Wi-Fi clients on the same router, it can really degrade performance.

If that’s the issue you can look at high-quality Wi-Fi access points / routers that you link to the Huawei using Ethernet to reduce congestion.

If you have someone in the office that’s pretty techie, look ak MikroTik. That stuff is awesome. Ubiquity is also good. They’ve both recently had vulnerabilities disclosed, so make sure to keep them up-to-date. (None of these are LTE routers, I think — they sit in front of your terminal device to provide a better LAN.)

What Huawei router are you using and how many people are connecting to it?


the problem is not so much with the wifi. its the router. if the power goes out the router loses its settings and you have to factory restore it to get access to it and then you have to configure it to our server again. the issue seems to be linked to DHCP settings of our server( this particular router does not allow you to connect to it via the wifi if you have disabled the DHCP settings- the wifi is mostly just for the bosses’ phones, our pc have no wifi access/capabilities).

i have looked around this morning and have found a couple of options for an LTE router where would not need a second router to give wifi access.

the other problem we have is that our IT people (the useless ones) have set up our server that we cannot access it if we do not have internet access, instead of giving us LAN connectivity regardless of whether we have internet or not.


It’s mainly because this is not a office router or even a SOHO router. It’s a home router, and it’s a piece of shit (and that’s my professional opinion)


Ja my biggest problem is im sitting with ppl who do not understand network security and also who do not want to spend money on anything, even if it will make our lives better in the long run.

the boss has been sufficuently irritated now with the fact that the loss of power is impacting our working situation, as well as he likes to be on the internet, that he wants options of how we can make some of these issues stop or less of a time consuming exercise. but whether he will actually do anything about it in the end is also another thing as he is a renowned procrastinator


Personally I’d suggest the Cisco 800M ISR (C841M-8X) with the 4G LTE WIM and an additional antenna (4G-LTE-ANTM-D) as well…

But hey, buy the cheap stuff from Incredible Corruption


This is getting out of hand


Geez, I just spent R1500 odd renewing our 2 cars’ licenses in January.


Well, I spent R3,370.15 (£180) for road tax on my Turbo Tractor and Mr Fusion


Well, if we’re comparing apples, how much did you actually pay for the Turbo Tractor and Mr Fusion? Compared to what you would’ve paid here?

Also, I’m quite certain your other running costs are comparatively lower than they used to be, especially considering the bump in remuneration. Your disposable income probably goes a lot further than it used to…

On a slightly related note, my business partner and I chatted over the weekend and we’re considering opening up a remote office in Ireland. Screw Britain and their EU-exit shenanigans.


Mr Fusion being a DeLorean?


Well… I paid a whopping R50k for the Ford Focus ST (aka the turbo tractor)
and a silly R10k for the Ford Fusion (aka Mr Fusion)


Its how they nail you in UK - just be happy you dont pay Congestion fees as well for driving in London


Well then… There’s your answer. Even over a general ownership period of, say, 5 years, you’re still paying considerably less than you would over year. So I’ll gladly suck up those licensing fees if I can get cars for that much cheaper.



Can i just tell you what the IT guy tells me now, when i asked him about the cheaper routers i found online…

ME: will one of these two LTE routers work with our server so that we only need 1 router connected to our server instead of one for internet and one for wifi?
HIM: “as long as there is a telkom adsl connection it should work…” .
ME:“WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE USING ADSL!!! i want something that will work with LTE ONLY.”
Him: just get one that will you can insert an usb dongle for the simcard and it should work, if it has an adsl port its for business use not home use"
ME: so if we buy this router and it doesnt work are you going to give us our money back?":
HIm:“ai no no it it should work but i cant give you your money back”


Bliksem hom!

Otherwise kan ek hom moer?


E-tolls aren’t going to pay for themselves.


Yep its just unfair that the Capies are paying for e-tolls when we managed to stop that bullshit :stuck_out_tongue: